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Three proponents of Agenda 21 (New Jersey Future, Sustainable Jersey, and Rutgers University's Bloustein School of Planning) are "helping' the small community of Sea Bright, NJ to plan for their future.  Sea Bright was devastated by Sandy.

They are proposing sustainable development and smart growth.  They are also proposing a regional approach to local solutions. They are using the DELPHI technique at town hall meetings to further their aims.  It is likely that the meetings were populated by left leaning people, who were probably the only ones notified.

This is how they get control of our governments.  The next step is likely to be a consortium of communities to whom the local politicians will delegate control over planning and spending.  The government will then consist of the unelected planner.  Taxes will be thrust upon the state government making it impossible for local citizens to protest.

The next step will be seizing property by eminent domain in order to develop it for the common good (New Jersey Future is dominated by corporations that would benefit from this).  Since their properties will have little value (since the government has declared them ineligible for future storm insurance) the citizens will be screwed.  However, the world will be saved.

Watch for this kind of activity in your own communities.  Stop it while you can.

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Sea Bright Takes Hurricane Sandy as an Opportunity to Reinvent Itself

Scott Gurian | September 9, 2013

Sea Bright Mayor Dina Long addressing residents at a recent community planning meeting.

When Sandy came ashore last October, Sea Bright’s downtown was severely flooded, with more than a thousand homes and businesses damaged or destroyed and the streets filled with mountains of sand and debris.


Sea Bright Mayor Dina Long addressing residents at a recent community planning meeting.

Ten months later, as the repairs continue, the borough is using the experience to reinvent itself and plan for the future, working with the neighboring town of Highlands to take a regional approach to its recovery.

Both New Jersey Future and Sustainable Jersey are leading the project, along with a similar effort in Ocean County’s Little Egg Harbor, and in another group of towns -- Downe, Commercial, and Maurice River townships -- in Cumberland County. In each of these communities participating in the “Local Recovery and Resiliency Network,” New Jersey Future will embed a planner for the next 18 months to help oversee the long-term rebuilding effort on a local level, with a focus on sustainability, mitigation, and collaboration with neighboring municipalities.

The project may be extended to three years, depending upon funding. Meanwhile, Sustainable Jersey’s Resiliency Coordinators will work on developing storm mitigation strategies on a more regional basis.

The overall goal of the Local Recovery and Resiliency Network is to channel Sandy’s destruction into a chance to return to the drawing board and reimagine how towns should best be developed to make them more sustainable and prepare for the predicted effects of climate change. While the process may be difficult for lifelong residents, used to things the way they are, Sea Bright Mayor Dina Long said they really have no choice. “Change has already happened. And it happened to us in one fateful night,” she said. “And so we’re now learning to embrace that.”

As a narrow strip of land, bordered by the ocean on one side and the Shrewsbury and Navesink Rivers on the other, Sea Bright’s battles with Mother Nature are nothing new. Frank Lawrence remembers regular flooding when he grew up there in the early 1950s. “I think we were evacuated about five times. And at that point my mother said, ‘That’s enough!’ and we moved across the river,” he recalled.

Though Lawrence hasn’t lived in town for decades, he’s maintained a strong attachment to Sea Bright over the years. After Sandy, Mayor Long called and asked him to help lead the town

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