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All you have to do is play “telephone” one time when you’re six-years-old to learn that no matter how old you get, facts change when they’re passed around. The game of “telephone” demonstrates that it’s not an intentional thing. It’s not always an outright lie that causes discrepancies in information sharing. It’s often miscommunication that takes an event and makes it into something else when recounted later on. Oh, how I wish that was Common Core’s excuse. I wish we lived in an America where the big news story was about a historically inaccurate oopsie – not a ideological travesty. But, alas – this is our America and we are continuing down this terrifying path of “change” for the worse.

If you haven’t heard of it, Common Core is essentially the federal government taking over our public education system, or to put it technically – “uniform national curriculum standards.” And hey, hey, hey, before you start throwing Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” thing in my face and saying I’m some Obama-hating contrarian, I’ll tell you right now, I think “No Child Left Behind” stunk as well.

Any conservative or libertarian in their right mind was shaking their head pessimistically when they first heard whispers about Common Core. But, I for one am surprised that things have gone downhill so quickly.

Get this – Common Core is instructing teachers to teach Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address WITHOUT MENTIONING THE CIVIL WAR.

Common Core Curriculum states:

“Refrain from giving background context or substantial instructional guidance at the outset…This close reading approach forces students to rely exclusively on the text…and levels the playing field for all students as they seek to comprehend Lincoln’s address.”


This isn’t just a Gettysburg-Address-Instance either. This is the Common Core philosophy. Don’t teach kids actual history. Just read them a bunch of words they don’t understand with no context because it “levels the playing field.” Can someone please explain to me what that means and how it makes any sense when teaching history?

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