About SustainLiberty

The American Conservative Party (as expressed through its Principle Platform), believes in individual freedom, which includes economic freedom, and abhors any hint of central planning. So, how does Agenda fit into these principles?

There has been a move, on many fronts, for many, many years, to essentially destroy the U.S. Constitution, one amendment at a time in favor of a Central Planning, Washington-centric ruling body, that dictates rights, or removes rights as our "leaders" see fit.

The right to Private Property is essential to economic freedom for each and every American. Agenda 21 policies (aka: sustainable development, sustainability, smart growth, form-based code) attempt to, among other things, absolutely destroy the right of people to own property. But with this agenda, they are doing it in a unique way: as opposed to implementing rigid policies at the treaty or Federal level, they implement these policies from the bottom up. This is why whenever you express concern about Agenda 21 or Sustainability policies, you'll always get, "It's not mandatory, it's voluntary!"

In general, the intent is minimize the role of private owners in the acquisition, distribution, and use, of property for the good of the city, county, state, and nation, so the world can heal. There are stories being published all over the web - of dams being blown up, of rivers and streams being rerouted to deny water to towns, roads closed to deny access to humans, to the “stack and pack” housing effort to get people out of their suburban communities and into urban high rise apartments.

This site will publish and link to excellent resource documents in order to enlighten you, educate you, and inspire you to action. We hope you take advantage of them, and then set about organizing your neighbors, friends, relatives, and fight to defend property rights all over the U.S.

It is not simply about fighting environmentalists.  Sustainable Development in all its forms is about altering behavior, managing resources, influencing culture, and promoting "equity" (social and economic) -- county by county, town by town, neighborhood by neighborhood -- throughout the United States and world.

Agenda 21 is going on all around you. If you don't believe me, just go read the general plan for your city – it's onliine, and you'll see Sustainable Communities, Sustainable Development, and similar language embedded throughout. Agenda 21 isn't coming to a town near you; it's already here.