About the ACP

The American Conservative Party is a group of ordinary citizens committed to limited government at every level. Though we respect those who want to “change from within” the GOP, we believe that substantive change will require an independent group with a clear mandate for limited and enumerated government first and foremost — and party power a distant second. (Read More about the ACP).

Straight from the Principles Platform of the ACP:

Economic Freedom in Lieu of Central Planning

To the American Conservative Party, “conservative” means acknowledging the value of standing tradition, while resisting grand schemes imposed by majorities on the people. We believe a conservative approach to Government is to avoid hubris, and to give ample scope to the “Law of Unintended Consequences.”

Unfortunately, in the name of “progress” we in the United States have allowed decades of Federal, State, and Local Governments to embark on a crusade of “comprehensive planning”–striving to manipulate and guide human behavior through transportation, infrastructure, land use, and “economic development”–completely ignoring that the American experiment owes its success to the primacy of individual rights and private ownership of capital and property. Instead of grand schemes of national and regional planning, the American Conservative Party supports individual economic freedom and decentralized decision-making.

The ACP, its leadership and membership has made its mission to fight for individual property rights and against "comprehensive" and central planning in all its forms. Please support us today by joining the ACP and/or giving to the SustainLiberty cause.

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