The Hot Gates 480BC: Father Arrested at Common Core Meeting

People are beginning to speak out about Common Core.  It appears that bureaucrats in Maryland and around the country are beginning to fear the backlash of those who want local control of their education.  We need to speak out at every local, regional, and state board of education meeting.

We need to educate the public about the insidious nature of Common Core. People need to see that it is not only teaching progressive ideology.  Through its data minin it is invading the very essence of our privacy.  It is plain wrong.

The following is authored by a friend:  Courtesy of The Hot Gates 480BC.


Father Arrested at Common Core Meeting,0,7127220.story

Robert Small at this point is still a voice crying out in the wilderness.

"A parent in Towson, Md., was arrested Thursday night at a public forum after vocally expressing his concerns about the Baltimore County School District’s plan to use Common Core standards in its curriculum.

Robert Small, a concerned father, was forcefully removed from the meeting by a police officer after he interrupted Baltimore County Schools Superintendent Dallas Dance during the question-and-answer portion of the forum.

The meeting apparently didn’t allow parents to stand up and ask questions or comment. Parents and other attendants were instead asked to write their questions on a piece of paper and officials would read them.

However, Small began speaking out against the district’s use of Common Core, prompting a security guard, who was also a police officer, to approach him and order him to leave. “Let’s go!” he said sternly.

When Small didn’t immediately comply, the officer began pulling his arm and pushing him towards the exit. Some audience members gasped at the cop’s use of force.

“Don’t stand for this,” the father said as he was dragged out. “You are sitting here like cattle! Is this America?”......"

Although he appears to have made no effort to push or strike anyone, Mr. Small was charged with assaulting a police officer when he was grabbed by the security guard who was an off-duty police officer and forced to leave the room (Video in the link on The Blaze).

"Despite some opposition from parents, the Maryland State Department of Education reportedly plans to go forward with its implementation of Common Core standards, joining 45 other states and Washington, D.C., in adopting the standards for the first time this year.

“Look, I am being manhandled and shut down because I asked inconvenient questions,” Small told the Baltimore Sun after the incident. “Why won’t they allow an open forum where there can be a debate? We are told to sit there and be lectured to about how great common core is.

The Common Core Curriculum is the new standard for American schools that has been so thoroughly pushed that, as of now, 45 US states have signed on to the program...

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Rotten to the core

This is a long article and you'll have to follow the link in order to complete it.  It is well worth the effort.  It is a great description of Common Core and its dangers to our freedom.


Rotten to the core

By Joan Swirsky

In July, the state of New York announced the results of its first tests based on the Common Core: The region hasn't been this battered since Superstorm Sandy. Just 26 percent of students in third through eighth grade passed the English exam, and only 30 percent passed the math test. In one Harlem school, just seven percent of students received passing scores in English, and 10 percent in math. We've gone from No Child Left Behind to Well-Just-About-Every-Child-Left-Behind ...progress of a kind. If 'learned helplessness' is the Common Core's goal, it's a stunning success." Businessman George Ball

Indeed, the tests based on the new Common Core (CC) curriculum horrified both parents and educators in New York State, as they are sure to do in the 45 other states that have accepted these new federal-education standards.

130919swirskyYet in the very definition of a clueless response to the disastrous test results, NY State Education Commissioner John B. King, Jr. said that "these proficiency scores do not reflect a drop in performance, but rather a raising of standards to reflect college and career readiness in the 21st century." Nice try, Mr. King. Go back to sleep.

How did this happen? Here's a little history. When President George W. Bush introduced No Child Left Behind, liberals and teachers' unions went crazy. How dare any program actually measure the effectiveness of classroom teachers or, worse, hold them accountable for decade after decade of failure? How dare that same program document the great number of students allowed to progress through grade after grade in spite of jaw-dropping deficits in math and literacy? Isn't it wrongheaded, critics asked, to 'teach to the test' instead of giving students better skills and deeper knowledge? As if testing skills and knowledge is a bad thing!

Of course the "evolved" progressives and educrats among us decided to contrive a better mousetrap for improving the devolving state of American public-school education and they called their brainchild Common Core, a program that was formally adopted by the federal government in 2010 and by NY State in 2011. Other contributors to this dumbed-down excuse for education included members of the leftist Aspen Institute which was founded in 1950 to, among other things, "define a good society."

Common Core has a nice ring, doesn't it, suggesting that we're all in this together and we all believe in education that includes America's "core" values?

Don't be fooled. As author and journalist Dean Kalahar writes, "Common Core...may look delicious, but before you take a bite out of the apple, it might be a good idea to know a razor is inside."

As Kalahar explains, "President Obama and Education Secretary [Arne] Duncan falsely said the Common Core standards were developed by the states and voluntarily adopted. CC was actually developed by an organization called Achieve, approved by the National Governors Association and funded by the Gates Foundation by at least $173 million dollars. The [cash-starved] states were bribed by $4.35 billion 'Race to the Top' dollars if they adopted the standards. Federal laws prohibit the U.S. Department of Education from prescribing any curriculum, but four billion is a big carrot – or is it a stick? Forty-six states and the District of Columbia have sold out... I mean 'signed on.'"

According to journalist Nick Wills, the Common Core curriculum was implemented with virtually no empirical evidence of its value, and it was rushed into school systems without consulting – drum roll here – students, teachers and parents! Education-reformer Diane Ravitch says that the standards have been adopted "without any field test ... imposed on the children of this nation despite the fact that no one has any idea how they will affect students, teachers, or schools."

This takes on a certain grotesque logic when, according to businessman George Ball, you realize that in "the 60-person work group that developed the curriculum, there was not one practicing teacher! David Coleman, chief architect of the Common Core curriculum, now heads the College Board. That's worrisome, and so is Coleman's background as a consultant at McKinsey & Co., the firm that so ably advised Kmart, Enron, Swissair and Global Crossing."

But so irresponsible were our educators and so avaricious to feed at the federal trough that they bought the whole package without even a sneak-peek at its contents.

What did they buy? Kalahar states that "for all intents and purposes, Common Core is nationalized education. History has shown that state-run information control, which begins with education, has always led to disastrous results, [for example] the USSR, Germany, and Cuba.

"The foundational philosophy of Common Core," Kalahar adds, "is to create students ready for social action so they can force a social-justice agenda."

According to Wall St. Journal writer David Feith: "Common Core is about an obsession with race, class, gender, and sexuality as the forces of history and political identity...nationalizing education via Common Core is about promoting an agenda of anti-capitalism, sustainability, white guilt, global citizenship, self-esteem, affective math, and culture-sensitive spelling and language. This is done in the name of consciousness raising, moral relativity, fairness, diversity, and multiculturalism."


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New HUD Rule Claims Authority to Reshape Communities Against Local Wishes (No this is not an exaggeration!)

The following comes courtesy of my friend, John Anthony.


The Department of Housing and Urban Development wants to change the Fair Housing Law include forced integration of neighborhoods and control of local zoning.


HUD's new ruling give the government the authority to reshape your community without local approval.

Please take the time to make your comments. Should this Rule be passed, it will affect every neighborhood in the country.


Please see video below and read the Wall Street Journal article written by Rob Astorino.  Article:

"Under the proposed rule neighborhood data provided by HUD will be used to evaluate patterns of integration and segregation, racial and ethnic concentrations of poverty, and access to "valuable community assets." HUD wants to know if existing laws and policies -- such as zoning, financing, infrastructure planning and transportation -- create, perpetuate or alleviate segregation."


Here is the link in which you are able to provide your comments the Department of Housing Urban Development (HUD).


On the right hand side is a box that is green in bold stating “Submit A Formal Comment” CLICK that.

You will then be brought to the site is here where you are able to comment electronically.

HUD strongly encourages you to submit comments electronically. Electronic submission of comments allows the commenter maximum time to prepare and submit a comment, ensures timely receipt by HUD, and enables HUD to make them immediately available to the public.

Alternate Ways to Comment - Mail your comments to HUD.

Interested persons are invited to submit comments regarding this proposed rule to:

Regulations Division, Office of General Counsel
Department of Housing and Urban Development
451 7th Street SW., Room 10276
Washington, DC 20410-0500.

Communications must refer to the below docket number and title. There are two methods for submitting public comments. All submissions must refer to the above docket number and title: Docket ID: HUD-2013-0066 Agency: Department of Housing and Urban Development. Facsimile (FAX) comments are not acceptable.

Mr. Obama sees the US Constitution through the eyes of a litigator seeking loopholes. 



Arizona school district pulls Common Core-approved, sexually charged novel from classrooms – .

Don't let it be said that you can't do something about Common Core at a local can if you are eternally vigilant.  Here is an example.

The trouble is that this action alone does little good since Common Core will still be in place.  This book will undoubtedly be replaced by something equally offensive.  (Isn't it odd that the left has no problem offending most of us but will sue when even one of them is offended).

The only real solution is to get our state legislatures to repeal their Common Core regulations and to stop the federal government from bribing the states with grant money.


[H/T to powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc]

SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. – A sexually explicit novel geared for young adults may be considered recommended reading by Common Core proponents, but Sierra Vista Unified school administrators have decided to pull “Dreaming in Cuban” by Cristina Garcia from its approved reading list.

The administrators’ decision was spurred by parents and community members who were upset the novel had been assigned to students in two Buena High School English classes.

According to one parent, students were asked to read portions of the novel out loud in class.

While Sierra Vista Unified parents can rest assured that more students won’t be exposed to the racy book in the district’s classrooms, parents in thousands of other Common Core-aligned schools districts don’t have that assurance. Since “Dreaming in Cuban” is considered an “exemplar” text, the book may find its way into numerous other classrooms in coming years.

The Sierra Vista Herald reports that Terri Romo, the district’s curriculum director, “contacted the Arizona Department of Education to find out how ‘Dreaming in Cuban,’ by Cristina Garcia, got on the list of Common Core recommendations.”

“She was told the exemplar texts are intended to show the correct reading level and are not recommendations for purchase,” the Herald reports.

Here’s an excerpt of the book’s most controversial passage, taken from page 80:

“Hugo and Felicia stripped in their room, dissolving easily into one another, and made love against the whitewashed walls. Hugo bit Felicia’s breast and left purplish bands of bruises on her upper thighs. He knelt before her in the tub and massaged black Spanish soap between her legs. He entered her repeatedly from behind.

“Felicia learned what pleased him. She tied his arms above his head with their underclothing and slapping him sharply when he asked.

“‘You’re my bitch,’” Hugo said, groaning.

“In the morning he left, promising to return in the summer.”

Common Core opponent and blogger Donna Garner notes that the Common Core Standards Initiative “ties teachers’ evaluations to the scores their students make on the Common Core assessments.”

That, Garner says, puts pressure on educators to teach the Common Core Text Exemplars such as Garcia’s “Dreaming in Cuban.”

“With Common Core demanding that teachers teach informational text from 50% to 70% of the time..."

Read the rest at: Arizona school district pulls Common Core-approved, sexually charged novel from classrooms - powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc..

AGENDA 21 ALERT – Sea Bright Takes Hurricane Sandy as an Opportunity to Reinvent Itself – NJ Spotlight


Three proponents of Agenda 21 (New Jersey Future, Sustainable Jersey, and Rutgers University's Bloustein School of Planning) are "helping' the small community of Sea Bright, NJ to plan for their future.  Sea Bright was devastated by Sandy.

They are proposing sustainable development and smart growth.  They are also proposing a regional approach to local solutions. They are using the DELPHI technique at town hall meetings to further their aims.  It is likely that the meetings were populated by left leaning people, who were probably the only ones notified.

This is how they get control of our governments.  The next step is likely to be a consortium of communities to whom the local politicians will delegate control over planning and spending.  The government will then consist of the unelected planner.  Taxes will be thrust upon the state government making it impossible for local citizens to protest.

The next step will be seizing property by eminent domain in order to develop it for the common good (New Jersey Future is dominated by corporations that would benefit from this).  Since their properties will have little value (since the government has declared them ineligible for future storm insurance) the citizens will be screwed.  However, the world will be saved.

Watch for this kind of activity in your own communities.  Stop it while you can.

George sure to click on the link to read the entire article

Sea Bright Takes Hurricane Sandy as an Opportunity to Reinvent Itself

Scott Gurian | September 9, 2013

Sea Bright Mayor Dina Long addressing residents at a recent community planning meeting.

When Sandy came ashore last October, Sea Bright’s downtown was severely flooded, with more than a thousand homes and businesses damaged or destroyed and the streets filled with mountains of sand and debris.


Sea Bright Mayor Dina Long addressing residents at a recent community planning meeting.

Ten months later, as the repairs continue, the borough is using the experience to reinvent itself and plan for the future, working with the neighboring town of Highlands to take a regional approach to its recovery.

Both New Jersey Future and Sustainable Jersey are leading the project, along with a similar effort in Ocean County’s Little Egg Harbor, and in another group of towns -- Downe, Commercial, and Maurice River townships -- in Cumberland County. In each of these communities participating in the “Local Recovery and Resiliency Network,” New Jersey Future will embed a planner for the next 18 months to help oversee the long-term rebuilding effort on a local level, with a focus on sustainability, mitigation, and collaboration with neighboring municipalities.

The project may be extended to three years, depending upon funding. Meanwhile, Sustainable Jersey’s Resiliency Coordinators will work on developing storm mitigation strategies on a more regional basis.

The overall goal of the Local Recovery and Resiliency Network is to channel Sandy’s destruction into a chance to return to the drawing board and reimagine how towns should best be developed to make them more sustainable and prepare for the predicted effects of climate change. While the process may be difficult for lifelong residents, used to things the way they are, Sea Bright Mayor Dina Long said they really have no choice. “Change has already happened. And it happened to us in one fateful night,” she said. “And so we’re now learning to embrace that.”

As a narrow strip of land, bordered by the ocean on one side and the Shrewsbury and Navesink Rivers on the other, Sea Bright’s battles with Mother Nature are nothing new. Frank Lawrence remembers regular flooding when he grew up there in the early 1950s. “I think we were evacuated about five times. And at that point my mother said, ‘That’s enough!’ and we moved across the river,” he recalled.

Though Lawrence hasn’t lived in town for decades, he’s maintained a strong attachment to Sea Bright over the years. After Sandy, Mayor Long called and asked him to help lead the town

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Resilient Communities and our Supervisors…How ICLEI is Invading California

(HT to

This is Agenda 21 at its ultimate.  ICLEI is an international NGO whose mission is to institute Agenda 21 everywhere. ICLEI is not our friend.  Read this and see how ICLEI does it.  They are everywhere but they CAN be resisted.



Resilient Communities and our Supervisors

September 5, 2013
Tom Dawson

On June 21, 2013, the Central Coast Resilient Communities Symposium was held in Santa Barbara. Local officials, key government staff and selected business and non-profit executives in the Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Opispo counties were invited. It was sponsored by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, commonly known as ICLEI.

Several months ago, some citizens attending a San Luis Opispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG) meeting asked about our political connection to ICLEI and were assured that, although SLOCOG had purchased and used their software in 2008, they no longer had a membership with ICLEI.

Yet, just two months ago, two of our county supervisors and Mayor Jan Marx signed an agreement at the symposium in Santa Barbara.

Their actions didn’t seem merely ceremonial but a significant statement of their goals for SLO County… for all of us! So I decided to research ICLEI and found that it was launched in 1990 at the World Congress of Local Governments for A Sustainable Future and was instrumental in the development of United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. (Research it yourself and you will see that these two organizations use the same language.) ICLEI even drafted Chapter 28 of the Sustainable Development workbook.

So what’s so bad about ICLEI? A closer look at their goals and objectives will answer that. ICLEI communicates with local special interests to translate international policy into local and regional legislation. It’s objectives presuppose the notion that legislation is the only method of improving the conditions or problems of the world. This notion denigrates the intelligence and ingenuity of local individuals (like you and me) and our ability to address problems of our own lives and property. We are marginalized and placed under increasing oversight of government planners.

So I am legitimately concerned that, on one hand, we’re fed a denial of any influence of or involvement with ICLEI, and on the other hand, two supervisors and our mayor signed an agreement to promote its goals and objectives in our county.

As I consider a global organization like ICLEI intrusively analyzing our local problems and deciding the best solutions for us, I wonder, “How will their policies change the unique character of our rural communitites?”

We moved to SLO county because we wanted to own property and have space to raise our family, plant gardens and orchards, raise animals and work on personal projects. ICLEI’s main objectives include moving people off the rural, open land areas and into higher density housing in towns and villages, concentrated around transportation hubs with trains and buses. Private property and cars will go away or be heavily restricted, as well as other aspec

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(WARNING: Graphic) Common Core Approved Child Pornography –

Following article from Politichicks is an illustration of what Common Core is recommending for 11th grade reading.  It is only one example.  What possible benefit can this be to our school children?  I did very well without reading crap like this.  The article does a very good job...please click on the link and read the whole thing.



(WARNING: Graphic) Common Core Approved Child Pornography -

Following are graphic and explicit excerpts from The Bluest Eye, which is on the Common Core’s list of exemplar texts for 11th graders. If you are easily offended you may want to skip them and go straight to the story. (Note from editor: Even heavily edited, this is still very graphic.)

Pages 162-163: “A bolt of desire ran down his genitals…and softening the lips of his anus. . . . He wanted to f*** her—tenderly. But the tenderness would not hold. The tightness of her vagina was more than he could bear. His soul seemed to slip down his guts and fly out into her, and the gigantic thrust he made into her then provoked the only sound she made. Removing himself from her was so painful to him he cut it short and snatched%2

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History of Sustainability Courtesy of the EPA

The following explains the role of Agenda 21 in the philosophy and rules of the EPA and other federal agencies.  While it was instituted during the Clinton administration, Agenda 21's principles have proliferated under Obama.

Many of our opponents deny that Agenda 21 has nothing to do with the EPA.  Here is the reality.

Local and state officials are also deniers but you will find links from their websites to this one.  Here is the proof that Agenda 21 exists and how it is used.



History of Sustainability - Creation of EPA and NEPA

In the United States, the first establishment of a national policy for environmental sustainability came in 1969 with the passage of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) whose purpose was to "foster and promote the general welfare, to create and maintain conditions under which man and nature can exist in productive harmony and fulfill the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations."

National Links

Sustainability Home
Basic Information
Where You Live
What EPA is Doing
How Can I Help?
A-Z Index

On July 9, 1970, amid a growing public demand for cleaner water, air and land, President Nixon submitted to Congress a reorganization plan proposing the establishment of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an independent agency in the executive branch of the federal government. The plan proposed bringing together 15 components from five executive departments and independent agencies.

On December 2, 1970, the EPA began its operations, assuming responsibility for carrying out federal laws to protect the environment. Stated broadly, the job of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is to improve and preserve the quality of the environment, both national and global. EPA works to protect human health and the natural resources on which all human activity depends.

Stockholm Conference

Another major event of the 1970's was the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment (known as the Stockholm Conference) held in 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden. During a 1971 preparatory meeting for this conference, developed nations expressed concern about the environmental consequences of increasing global development, while nations that were still developing raised their own continuing need for economic development. Thus the concept of "sustainable development" was born out of an attempt to find a compromise between the development needs of the nations in the Southern Hemisphere and the conservation demands of the developed nations in the North.

The conference heightened awareness of the global nature of environmental problems and set in motion events that lead to the general acceptance of the idea of "sustainable development" as a means of realizing the developmental needs of all people without sacrificing the earth's capacity to sustain life.

United National Environmental Program (UNEP)

Out of the Stockholm Conference, the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) was formed with a mandate to promote the idea of environmentally-sound development. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, UNEP provided the UN with an agency to examine the world's growing environmental and development problems with a view to making recommendations to national governments and international bodies on appropriate actions. Eventually the work of the UNEP helped launch, among other things, the International

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Why is it that New Jersey is the pilot for Obama’s experiments for the country?

Why is it that New Jersey is the pilot for Obama's experiments for the country?

Last week I attended a meeting for together New Jersey. You may recall that this is the renamed 2035 regional transportation plan that was used as the template for the receipt of a HUD grant. Various organizations throughout the state lobbied their freeholders, to no avail, to not accept this money. We were afraid that significant strings would be attached that would obligate the counties to adhere to the administrations redistributionist agenda. They didn't listen to us and took the money.

Now the plan has morphed from a transportation plan to a plan that will focus on the health and welfare of the region, dictating regional policy at the expense of local land-use policy, all without the legislature or the Gov.'s office being involved. As part of the receipt of the HUD money, the counties signed memoranda of understanding that bound them to whatever the plan became.

The counties (some of them) get a vote on the standing committees for together North Jersey, along with hundreds of other "stakeholders". The freeholders told us that they would get a place at the table and thus be able to influence what the plan became. They didn't understand that the table included 200 other diners. Most of these people are left-wing central planning and redistributionist zealots that seem to have little regard for individual freedom or private ownership of land. They think that it is much better to have a "regional government" than home rule. In fact, they think that home rule and "suburban sprawl" are terrible ideas. It is better to have the "experts" decide our fate rather than rely on the people themselves. A glance at the together North Jersey website is proof enough of what they want.

One of the moderators stated at the meeting that together North Jersey is a pilot program that will be used as a template for the rest of the United States. That really makes me feel good. They will take our state, dominated by left-wing Democrats and Republicans (including the governor) and remake the United States in the same way. State governments won't matter, County governments won't matter, municipal governments would matter, the only thing that will be important will be the federal government and the quasi governments set up on a regional basis.

Folks, this is Agenda 21 in action.  If it is enacted it will be taking us a long way towards our demise as state and country.

Here is another example. Today, Gov. Christie announced that he would accept the Medicaid portion of Obamacare. It is free money and will help pay for the state version of Medicaid, even though it expands Medicaid and there is no guarantee that the funding will continue after four years. Of course, Christie will not be here in four years. If anybody wonders if Christie got in bed with Obama after the Sandy disaster, they should wonder no longer. This guy is not a conservative. Kudos to CPAC for not inviting him this year. I would've spent the money to go and throw rotten tomatoes at him. Of course, New Jersey will again be the template for much of the rest of the country, taking free money and betting that the teat will be filled with milk forever.

A third example. NJ Spotlight today posted an article that New Jersey's approach to offshore wind is a model for the rest of the country. It should be copied by the other states along the eastern seaboard, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. What they particularly liked was a way to guarantee revenue for the developers. In other words, revenue is taken from our tax base to pay for higher cost energy that will be of little value to people and businesses in the state. In the meantime, impediments are put into place for the transport and production of low-cost energy such as natural gas. This is settled us with some of the highest energy costs in the country and it doesn't have to be. However, it is consistent with what the radical environmentalists in the EPA and DOE want.  Give us wind mills regardless of the cost.  We lose jobs and our economy sucks in the process, but who cares.  Of course people will not have the money to buy the more expensive energy...but Obama was never really concerned about jobs and the economy.

New Jersey is the guinea pig.  We are the canary in the coal mine.  We have the opportunity to tell the Federal government to butt out.  Let us live our own lives in the way we deem best.  New Jersey has a large and diverse economy...larger than most countries.    We don't need to be told what to do.  We should take the lead without being "nudged" by the federal bureaucrats.  We should tell them to take their bribe money and take a hike...use it to pay off the debt.

Unfortunately, Christie wants a second term as governor and wants to run for President.  He'll take the bribes in order to get the votes.  We all suffer in the process.

It is time to get a backbone.