Are “Green” Progressive Policies Really Good for the Poor?

It is typically understood that "Green" policies are tailor made to support and improve the lives of the working poor. Joel Kotkin does a great job of debunking that myth on



by Joel Kotkin 10/28/2013

Historically, progressives were seen as partisans for the people, eager to help the working and middle classes achieve upward mobility even at expense of the ultrarich. But in California, and much of the country, progressivism has morphed into a political movement that, more often than not, effectively squelches the aspirations of the majority, in large part to serve the interests of the wealthiest.

Primarily, this modern-day program of class warfare is carried out under the banner of green politics. The environmental movement has always been primarily dominated by the wealthy, and overwhelmingly white, donors and activists. But in the past, early progressives focused on such useful things as public parks and open space that enhance the lives of the middle and working classes. Today, green politics seem to be focused primarily on making life worse for these same people.

In this sense, today’s green progressives, notes historian Fred Siegel, are most akin to late 19th century Tory radicals such as William Wordsworth, William Morris and John Ruskin, who objected to the ecological devastation of modern capitalism, and sought to preserve the glories of the British countryside. In the process, they also opposed the “leveling” effects of a market economy that sometimes allowed the less-educated, less well-bred to supplant the old aristocracies with their supposedly more enlightened tastes...

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Wisconsin teacher claims students drew angry pictures of Gov. Walker without her prompting

Not Common Core but something every American should be worried about.  This one is about Scott Walker.  The next will be Chris Christie (no conservative but definitely not a friend of the teachers union), or Bobby Jindal, or any of a dozen governors.  This is the result of pure indoctrination of our youngest students.  We need to stop it NOW!

Americans need to be vigilant.  Observe the pictures your children are making.  Read their essays and tests.  Protest to the principal, school board, and your state legislators.  We can change this around but only if we become active.

And oh yes... you can do the same with Common Core.


Activist Wisconsin teacher claims her K-2 students drew angry pictures of Gov. Walker without her prompting.

MADISON, Wis. – Kati Walsh, an elementary art teacher in the Madison school district, wants everyone to believe that her kindergarten, first-grade and second-grade students came up with the idea to draw unflattering pictures of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on their own.

Kati Walsh 2She says her background as a teachers union activist and bitter critic of Walker had nothing to do with the drawings.

Frankly, we don’t believe a word she says.

Walsh gained attention over the summer for posting online several pictures drawn by her young students depicting the governor in jail. She claims the idea for the drawings came from one student and caught on with the other kids.

“One student said something to the effect of ‘Scott Walker wants to close all the public schools,’ so the rest of the class started drawing their own cartoons and they turned very political,” Walsh told the Wisconsin Reporter. “They have very strong feelings about Scott Walker.”

Uh-huh. After all, children in the early elementary grades have always been extremely political, and have always tended to side with labor over union reform efforts. Right, Ms. Walsh?

Walsh says “children are much smarter than we give them credit for. These children are now growing up having protested at the Capitol with their parents and are going to union meetings and political meetings with their parents. They are listening and have their own strong opinions about what is going on in our state right now.”

First of all, we’re talking about children in the 5-8 age group. Do they really have that keen of an interest, much less an understanding, of complex state political issues? And do all of them have parents who protested at the Capitol and attend union meetings?

Or would it be safe to assume that Walsh has been wasting precious instruction time filling these tots full of hatred for a governor they knew nothing about before encountering her?

That’s a pretty safe bet, considering Walsh’s background.

She has long been noted as a radical union activist who protested at the state capitol against Act 10 (Walker’s collective bargaining reform legislation), signed a petition to recall Walker from office, gathered signatures for the recall and protested with the Chicago Teachers Union during last year’s teacher strike in that city, according to the news report.

Walsh even acknowledges that she talks politics with her young students.

“Many of the kids also have permission from their parents to chat with me about political things after my contract time,” Walsh said.

So that’s how these little ones came to hate their governor. Please don’t insult us by trying to suggest otherwise, Ms. Walsh.

Exactly when does Walsh have access to these students during her “non-contract time?” Does she visit their homes after school or on the weekends to chat with them about Gov. Walker? We very much doubt it. We’d bet the farm she preaches her beliefs during class time.

What’s truly hilarious is that Walsh told the Wisconsin Reporter that the story about her student’s drawings could not be published without her permission.

“You do not have permission to publish anything about me, my classroom or my blog before I see it first,” Walsh wrote to the Reporter.

One would expect such a politically-motivated teacher to have a fundamental grasp of First Amendment rights.

Oh, that’s right. Radical liberals like Walsh tend to believe that only stories that reflect positively on their opinions should be published. Well, sorry lady, it doesn’t work that way in a free society. Didn’t you learn that much in college?

In any case, this woman is clearly not an educator. She is a political activist using her position in the classroom to indoctrinate students to her radical point of view, even though they are barely old enough to read, let alone understand complex issues or opposing viewpoints.

Walsh should be fired and escorted from the school building as soon as physically possible. Unfortunately her school district is dominated by her extremely radical labor union – Madison Teachers Inc. – so she will probably be allowed to keep selling her ideas to tiny children without so much as a reprimand.

In fact Walsh may be selected as Madison’s teacher of the year.

How utterly sickening, and what a total waste of taxpayer education dollars.

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