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All you have to do is play “telephone” one time when you’re six-years-old to learn that no matter how old you get, facts change when they’re passed around. The game of “telephone” demonstrates that it’s not an intentional thing. It’s not always an outright lie that causes discrepancies in information sharing. It’s often miscommunication that takes an event and makes it into something else when recounted later on. Oh, how I wish that was Common Core’s excuse. I wish we lived in an America where the big news story was about a historically inaccurate oopsie – not a ideological travesty. But, alas – this is our America and we are continuing down this terrifying path of “change” for the worse.

If you haven’t heard of it, Common Core is essentially the federal government taking over our public education system, or to put it technically – “uniform national curriculum standards.” And hey, hey, hey, before you start throwing Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” thing in my face and saying I’m some Obama-hating contrarian, I’ll tell you right now, I think “No Child Left Behind” stunk as well.

Any conservative or libertarian in their right mind was shaking their head pessimistically when they first heard whispers about Common Core. But, I for one am surprised that things have gone downhill so quickly.

Get this – Common Core is instructing teachers to teach Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address WITHOUT MENTIONING THE CIVIL WAR.

Common Core Curriculum states:

“Refrain from giving background context or substantial instructional guidance at the outset…This close reading approach forces students to rely exclusively on the text…and levels the playing field for all students as they seek to comprehend Lincoln’s address.”


This isn’t just a Gettysburg-Address-Instance either. This is the Common Core philosophy. Don’t teach kids actual history. Just read them a bunch of words they don’t understand with no context because it “levels the playing field.” Can someone please explain to me what that means and how it makes any sense when teaching history?

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How to Know You’re Winning the Argument

...when they play the race card on you.


Via Michelle Malkin 

A brown-skinned suburban mom responds to Common Core bigot Arne Duncan

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 18, 2013 02:28 AM

bigot 2

Ohhhh yes, the red blood underneath my brown skin is boiling. This Obama educrat has stepped in it. Big time. Race card-wielding Education Secretary Arne Duncan is nothing but a corrupt and bankrupt bigot.

We’ll get to his diatribe in a moment. But first, let’s step back for some perspective, reflection, and background on this pivotal moment in the battle against Common Core.

In January, I launched the first in my ongoing blog and column series on the perils and pitfalls of Common Core. Grass-roots parents, educators, analysts, and activists had been working hard at the local and state levels to turn back the top-down, Big Government/Big Business. I vowed at the beginning of the year to do everything in my power to spread the news of their work and to add my own voice because this battle is near and dear to my heart. It’s not just “business” for me. It’s personal. Here’s what I wrote on January 23 when I kicked off my project:

This year, I’ll be using my syndicated column and blog space to expose how progressive “reformers” — mal-formers — are corrupting our schools. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to provide you in-depth coverage of this vital issue that too often gets shunted off the daily political/partisan agenda. While the GOP tries to solve its ills with better software and communications consultants, the conservative movement — and America — face much larger problems. It doesn’t start with the “low-information voter.” It starts with the no-knowledge student. This is the first in an ongoing series on “Common Core,” the stealthy federal takeover of school curriculum and standards across the country. As longtime readers know, my own experience with this ongoing sabotage of academic excellence dates back to my early reporting on the Clinton-era “Goals 2000″ and “outcome-based” education and extends to my recent parental experience with “Everyday Math”.

The good news is that grass-roots education and parental groups, brave teachers, and professors are fighting back.

And they’re winning. Big time. Over the last 10 months, Common Core has imploded under withering scrutiny from the tax-paying public, informed parents and educators, and more national media. States under both Republican and Democrat governors have adopted moratoria on the untested standards, withdrawn from the costly testing consortia, and retreated from partnerships with Common Core-promoting educational software data-miners like inBloom.

There’s much more to the fight than simple left-right divisions. The Common Core peddlers include meddling, Fed Ed Republicans from Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee to progressive billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates to Newscorp. media giant Rupert Murdoch and dozens of educational corporate special interests that stand to gain billions from the Common Core testing/textbook/data-mining boondoggle.

The Stop Common Core movement includes social conservatives, libertarians, teachers’ union members, charter school advocates, Catholic school principals, urban and suburban parents, New York City Democrats, Tea Party Republicans, homeschoolers, and concerned activists from all parts of the political spectrum concerned about the feds’ encroachment on family and student privacy.

As I’ve reported, the nationwide revolt against Common Core’s constitutionality, costs, dubious quality, threat to local control, and privacy invasions has proponents in a panic. They’ve resorted to demeaning dissenting parents and educators and abusing their power to stifle all challenges to their authority.

Now, along comes Obama education secretary Arne Duncan to inject poisonous race-baiting and class warfare into the debate.

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan told a group of state schools superintendents Friday that he found it “fascinating” that some of the opposition to the Common Core State Standards has come from “white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were, and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were.”

Yes, he really said that. But he has said similar things before. What, exactly, is he talking about?

In his cheerleading for the controversial Common Core State Standards — which were approved by 45 states and the District of Columbia and are now being implemented across the country (though some states are reconsidering) — Duncan has repeatedly noted that the standards and the standardized testing that goes along with them are more difficult than students in most states have confronted.

The preposterousness of Duncan’s tirade is outweighed only by its arrogance and falsehood.

As a brown-skinned suburban mom opposed to Common Core, I can tell you I’ve personally met moms and dads of ALL races, of ALL backgrounds, and from ALL parts of the country, who have sacrificed to get their kids into the best schools possible. They are outraged that dumbed-down, untested federal “standards” pose an existential threat to their excellent educational arrangements — be they public, private, religious, or homeschooling.

Duncan’s derision betrays the very control-freak impulses that drive Common Core. He presumes that only technocratic elites in Washington can determine what quality standards and curricula look like. He pretends that minority parents and students in inner-city charter and magnet schools with locally-crafted, rigorous classical education missions simply don’t exist. A textbook liberal racist, Duncan whitewashes all minority parents and educators who oppose Common Core out of the debate. And he condescendingly implies that the only reason “white suburban moms” object to Common Core is that their children are too dumb to score well on tests that are…a complete and utter mess.

As Brittany Corona noted earlier this summer, educators in New York and Kentucky outlined multiple problems with the assessments that Duncan champions:

Earlier this month, 49 New York principals wrote a letter to New York education commissioner John King explaining the problems teachers are finding with the Common Core assessments. While the principals state that they agree with Common Core in theory and are “are committed to helping New York realize the full promises of Common Core,” they write that its implementation has been haphazard:

Because schools have not had a lot of time to unpack Common Core, we fear that too many educators will use these high stakes tests to guide their curricula, rather than the more meaningful Common Core Standards themselves. And because the tests are missing Common Core’s essential values, we fear that students will experience curriculum that misses the point as well.

The New York principals reported problems with the assessments, including:

Difficult and confusing questions (some on unrelated topics).
Unnecessarily long testing sessions—“two weeks of three consecutive days of 90-minute periods”—that require more “stamina for a 10-year-old special education student than of a high school student taking an SAT exam.”
Field-test questions that do not factor into a child’s score but take up time.
Confusing directions for the English language arts sessions.
Math problems that repeatedly assess the same skill.

Multiple choice questions that ask the student to choose from the right answer and the “next best right answer.” The fact that teachers report disagreeing about which multiple-choice answer is correct in several places on the English language arts exams indicates that this format is unfair to students.

Kentucky, the first state to implement Common Core, has experienced similar testing problems.

Last month, the Kentucky Department of Education “discontinued scoring for all constructed-response questions in each of the four CCSS-aligned high school end-of-course exams.” Leaders said that the slow turnaround times for scoring and lack of diagnostic feedback on how scores are determined would cause the results to be delayed past the end of the school year.

In two states in which the Common Core assessments have been tried, they have posed problems. Both New York and Kentucky should be red flags for states moving forward with Common Core implementation.

If Arne Duncan thinks his comments are going to tame and marginalize the Stop Common Core movement, he’s got another thing coming. As I noted earlier this month, Common Core is a sleeper ballot box issue that will shake both sides of the aisle for months and years to come. The Davids are exercising their freedoms of speech and association to beat back the deep-pocketed Goliaths at their schoolhouse doors.

Stop Common Core moms of all colors have done their homework, brought their arguments and evidence to their school boards and state legislatures, and acted responsibly to protect their children’s best interests.

By contrast, education demagogue Arne Duncan and his Big Government/Big Business cronies invoke race, employ divisive class rhetoric, and attack active, involved, and informed moms and their children as academic failures — while Common Core’s own failings pile up like Obamacare website 404s.

Arne Duncan, I will continue to do everything in my brown-skinned suburban mom power to keep your smug, grubby hands off my kids’ education. I know I’m not alone.

Common core updates

Following is from a newsletter published by a friend.  There are lots of very good information here.  Please read, click on the links, and take appropriate action in your own jurisdictions.


In this issue, we're summarizing and attaching breaking news and information several people have requested about Common Core developments. Some of the documents are rather large. Rather than attach large files, we have uploaded them into our file server so you can download them from this link.

TODAY'S DOWNLOAD 2013-11-10: (Click the link and download)

1. Common Core Collateral Damage: New York State therapist notes huge increase in self-mutilations in high-achieving students (Original statement included in today's download)

"A large number of honors students—mostly 8th graders—were streaming into my practice. The kids were self-mutilating—cutting themselves with sharp objects and burning themselves with cigarettes. My phone never stopped ringing."

Statement for New York State Assembly Education Forum
Brentwood, New York, October 10, 2013

"Common Core requires children to read informational texts that are owned by a handful of corporations. Lacking any filter to distinguish good information from bad, children will readily absorb whatever text is put in front of them as gospel."


"we have abandoned innovative teaching and instead “teach to the tests,” the dreaded exams that had students, parents and teachers in a complete anxiety state last spring. These tests do not measure learning—what they really measure is endurance and resilience."

(We recall a document detailing how to teach kids "Grit, Perseverance and Tenacity" -- Now we know why it's included with Common Core.)

"…an entire third grade class that spent the rest of the day sobbing after just one testing session,
…a 2nd grader who witnessed this and is now refusing to attend the 3rd grade—this 7-year-old is now being evaluated for psychotropic medication just to go to school,
…a 6-year-old who came home crying because in September of the first grade, she did not know what a vertex was,
…two 8-year-olds who opted out of the ELA exam and were publicly denied cookies when the teacher gave them to the rest of her third grade class,"

"Our country became a superpower on the backs of men and women who studied in one-room schoolhouses. I do not think it takes a great deal of technology or corporate and government involvement for kids to succeed. We need to rethink the Common Core and the associated high stakes testing and get back to the business of educating our children in a safe, healthy, and productive manner."

2. Jefferson County Colorado School Board Unanimously Severs Ties with InBloom Data Mining

This is WHY the school board did this:
"The district's controversial plan to test the system was a prominent issue in the campaign for Tuesday's board election, in which three conservative candidates won seats, dramatically changing the political orientation of the board" << This is why we must run for school board and WIN. As we've heard, "Elections have consequences"!


3. CORE Education & Technologies Ltd., an Indian company, is apparently taking over education globally.... this used to be a "technology" company (see below) and then after 2005 something changed. Please see the section below showing what just a quick pass reveals. 2005 also happened to be the first year of UNESCO's Decade of Education. Just a coincidence we're sure.

Please see Today's Download for the source documentation and our analysis.

I am starting to look at their financial reports as I have time. Any one else who wants to do this too please do so.


CORE Education and Technoligies.... which used to be known by a different name...... and it had a different product focus.... suddenly it swung from logistics, RFID, satellite and  communication technology and started producing "education" services...... I am going to go through each AFR to find out when.


You'll "love" (/sarc) this (as in, "how many red flags can we find"):


2004-2005 Annual report:

All financial and annual reports:

The 2005 report did not contain the slick marketing presentation of later years; this was not native-speaking English, and the message is clear; it is not concealed.

No page numbers -- On this one page -- apparently Page 7 -- you will LOVE this (not) -- note this is 2004-05:


(Also note, separately, that:  (1)  2005 was the first year of the UNESCO Decade of Education; (2) ITES is a US Dept of Defense standard: Information Technology Enterprise Solutions; (3) VSAT is Very Small Aperture Tracking, a high-speed protocol to communicate on the Internet through a satellite; (4) STPI is an entity originally set up by the government of India to crank out and export software, which now operates autonomously from the government and controls all internet communications in India;)

During the year, your company set up an 100% Export Oriented Undertaking, which is duly registered with the Software Technology Park of India (STPI). This unit launched its products in the overseas market and is expected to make considerable headway in its specific target areas.

Your Company also entered the “low-price, high-volume” retail products segment by entering into a distribution agreement with PMC Outsourcing LLC, USA, to distribute “iolo” branded packaged software products in India. The products mainly enhance the working of PCs and also have a very effective “anti-virus” tool. More products will be added to offer our customers the latest innovations in these and related area.

Your Company is also foraying into the “Logistics” segment of ITES. It is in the process of implementing a prestigious “Pilot Project” for Vehicle Tracking, based on VSAT Technology on the “Delhi-Jaipur” highway. Being implemented in association with the Software Technology Park of India, which is providing the required VSAT Technology, the successful launch of this Pilot will lead to your company offering the entire range of

Logistic services using RFID, GSM, CDMA and Satellite Technologies.

Your Company is also in the process of ramping up its manpower resources, which are the heart and soul of every Software Products and Services Company. Towards this end, your company has recruited a very experienced and successful IT Professional as its President and CEO. The new manpower pool will have a positive impact on your company’s performance in the coming years.



4. 132 Catholic Professors Ask Bishops To Stop Following Common Core Standards
Please consider taking this information to your Catholic school principal and priest.

"...we are convinced that Common Core is so deeply flawed that it should not be adopted by Catholic schools which have yet to approve it, and that those schools which have already endorsed it should seek an orderly withdrawal now."

See letter, at the Today's Download link.

5. Great listen here - a college student slams Common Core to the applause of assembled teachers and parents.

6.  Race to the Top Violated Federal Law.
Violation of Federal Education Code: Department of Education, Public Law -- 2/01/10, 20 U.S.C. 3403 (Pub. L. 96-88, Title I, 103, Oct. 17, 1979, 93 Stat. 670). United States Code. Title 20. Education. Chapter 48

7. Common Core is based on Outcome Based Education - The outcome of your child’s progress and job direction will be predetermined in advance, taking away your child’s destiny(choice). Choices will be a thing of the past as computers will guide your child into his government chosen job path.
You child will be conditioned to accept their chosen path without his knowledge. Your child will no longer be free to choose.
UNESCO’s PLAN for American Education – Jed Brown
a. Lifelong Learning -
b. Workforce Training –
c. Change agents -
d. Charter Schools -
e. Insect Society -

Read Jed’s Article – The Skinner School Box

8. Show me the Money – Common Core redistributes wealth from the public funds into -- guess what? -- Public-Private Partnerships.

Our national websites - << Education Activism


To My Students: ‘I Love You and Believe in You’ – @ THE CHALK FACE

Hat tip to @Chalk Face
It's a long article so click on the link to read the whole thing.


To My Students: ‘I Love You and Believe in You’

November 2, 2013 by Kris Nielsen 119 Comments

The following is a guest post from my friend, Meg Norris, who has an important message for her students. (Grab a Kleenex. I did.)

To My Students,

I did not return to the classroom this year and I want to apologize. I am truly sorry for having left you. It was the hardest decision I have ever made. I want you to understand why I left. It had nothing to do with you. I still love you and believe in you. You are still amazing and you can do anything you want to do. I did not give up on you. I left to fight for you.

I saw you struggling with Common Core skills. Even with the new curriculum from the district, no matter how I broke it down for you I could see you didn’t understand. I saw the frustration on your faces. And when time ran out and we had to take the county’s test (on the county’s schedule), I saw the tears roll from your eyes. You failed. I saw you missing school more days than normal. I saw you with long sleeves covering up the cutting scars on your arms. I saw how the sparkle in your eyes dimmed. I saw the small bald spot on your head where you had pulled out your hair. And it wasn’t just in my class. You hated going to math. You came early everyday for homework help, but it didn’t make any difference. You still could not understand.

I want you to know none of this is your fault. It is not you. I know the school, the county and the state call it “rigor.” That is a horrible word. Look it up in the dictionary for me. Rigor is for dead people. You are not failing because it is too hard. You are not failing because you are not working hard enough. You are not failing because of your teachers. You are failing because Common Core was not written by teachers. Common Core was not written to help you. Let me explain why this hurts you so much.

via To My Students: ‘I Love You and Believe in You’ – @ THE CHALK FACE.

Common Core Standards Make a Mockery of Novels’ Complexity | New Republic

This is from The New Republic (of all publications!).  You need to click on the link to read the entire article.  It will make you mad but it is a great illustration of the idiots that Common Core will be creating.



Here’s a pop quiz: according to the measurements used in the new Common Core Standards, which of these books would be complex enough for a ninth grader?

a. Huckleberry Finn

b. To Kill a Mockingbird

c. Jane Eyre

d. Sports Illustrated for Kids' Awesome Athletes!

The only correct answer is “d,” since all the others have a “Lexile” score so low that they are deemed most appropriate for fourth, fifth, or sixth graders. This idea might seem ridiculous, but it’s based on a metric that is transforming the way American schools teach reading.

Lexiles were developed in the 1980s by Malbert Smith and A. Jackson Stenner, the President and CEO of the MetaMetrics corporation, who decided that education, unlike science, lacked “what philosophers of science call unification of measurement,” and aimed to demonstrate that “common scales, like Fahrenheit and Celsius, could be built for reading.” Their final product is a proprietary algorithm that analyzes sentence length and vocabulary to assign a “Lexile” score from 0 to over 1,600 for the most complex texts. And now the new Common Core State Standards, the U.S. education initative that aims to standardize school curricula, have adopted Lexiles to determine what books are appropriate for students in each grade level. Publishers have also taken note: more than 200 now submit their books for measurement, and various apps and websites match students precisely to books on their personal Lexile level.

via Common Core Standards Make a Mockery of Novels' Complexity | New Republic.

Common Core assignment: Remove two amendments from ‘outdated’ Bill of Rights – Spokane Conservative |

This is a perfect example to use in arguing against Common Core.  You can ask your school board if this is an appropriate assignment.  You can present it to other people as an example of how the educators are tying to subvert our liberties.

You could even do an assignment where certain articles, like the second amendment, are clarified in order to make them stronger.  You could select from Mark Levin's Liberty Amendments.  Of course, if you did these things your child might not get a passing grade.  Then you can publicize this fact to the world.


Common Core assignment: Remove two amendments from 'outdated' Bill of Rights

Joe NewbySpokane Conservative Examiner

October 8, 2013

A mother in the Bryant School District in Arkansas -- a district using the controversial Common Core curriculum -- was surprised to learn her sixth-grade daughter was given a team assignment to revise the Bill of Rights, pruning two amendments from the Constitution while adding two others, Twitchy reported Monday, citing a report at the Digital Journal.

The assignment made the assumption that the United States government has determined that the Bill of Rights “is outdated and may not remain in its current form any longer.”

The children were to assume the persona of “experts on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights” in their aim to ensure that “the pursuit of happiness remains guarded in the 21st century,” despite the fact that the phrase "pursuit of happiness" exists in the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

Twitchy also hoped that one of these "experts" would realize the Constitution isn't amended by a "special committee."

Lela Spears, the girl's mother, told the Digital Journal her daughter has not received any training in civics or government.

"After she brought it home and explained her assignment to me, it made me question exactly what she was being taught. Where I can see a class using critical thinking skills to modernize the words, as to help them better understand the Amendments, giving an assignment to remove two then add two with little explanation as to why is upsetting," she said.

Spears also said her daughter had no clue why she was being tasked with amending the Constitution.

According to the mother, her child was never told how the Constitution is amended, and told the Journal she didn't believe the word "amended" was ever used in the class.

"I read through the handouts she was given (they do not use a book for this class, nor take one home to study from, only handouts that are put in a box for their table to share and place in their binders), around six in total, and nothing about how an Amendment is ratified," she said. "I believe that, with the wording of the assignment, many children will think that the Bill of Rights is amended and can be changed by a “special” committee instead of an act of Congress."

There are two ways the Constitution can be amended. One is for a Constitutional Convention to be called for by two-thirds of the state legislatures. Amendments are then sent to the states to be approved by three-fourths of the legislatures or conventions. This method has never been used.

The more common method is for a bill to pass both houses of the legislature, by a two-thirds majority. Once the bill has passed both houses, it goes to the states for approval and ratification.

"As more anecdotal evidence emerges concerning what will be taught under the Common Core, states are beginning to rethink their position on the program," the Digital Journal said.

via Common Core assignment: Remove two amendments from 'outdated' Bill of Rights - Spokane Conservative |

Top Ten Professors Calling Out Common Core’s So-called College Readiness | COMMON CORE

Use This when convincing your lawmakers and educators that Common Core is bad for all of us.

Hat Tip to Common Core:  Education Without Representation

Top Ten Professors Calling Out Common Core’s So-called College Readiness 93 comments

I can hardly wait to quote these ten brilliant American professors who have spoken out to say that the Common Core is far from its claim of representing academic excellence; that it’s a sheer academic tragedy.

But before I share the professors’ words, let me tell you what sparked today’s post.

I saw for the first time this 2013 document put out by the NCEE (National Center on Education and the Economy) that says OUT LOUD that it’s not important under Common Core to have high educational standards in high school; that it’s silly to waste time educating all high school graduates as high as the level of Algebra II.

No joke. They’re pushing for an emphasis on the lowest common denominator, while marketing Common Core as a push for “rigorous” academics.

Outragous, yes. But absolutely factual: this is what they are telling America: Read these Common Core proponents’ lips:

“Mastery of Algebra II is widely thought to be a prerequisite for success in college and careers. Our research shows that that is not so… Based on our data, one cannot make the case that high school graduates must be proficient in Algebra II to be ready for college and careers. The high school mathematics curriculum is now centered on the teaching of a sequence of courses leading to calculus that includes Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus and Calculus. However, fewer than five percent of American workers and an even smaller percentage of community college students will ever need to master the courses in this sequence in their college or in the workplace… they should not be required courses in our high schools. To require these courses in high school is to deny to many students the opportunity to graduate high school because they have not mastered a sequence of mathematics courses they will never need. In the face of these findings, the policy of requiring a passing score on an Algebra II exam for high school graduation simply cannot be justified.”

(Maybe Common Core proponents better quit using the word “rigorous.”)

So, the NCEE report goes on to say that traditional high school English classes, with their emphasis on classic literature and personal, narrative writing, is useless. The report says that Common Core will save students from the worthless classics with its emphasis on technical subjects and social studies via the dominance of informational text in the Common Core classroom:

“The Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts (CCSSE) address reading in history/social studies as well as science and technical subjects, and in so doing may increase the relevance of high school instruction.”

They just trashed English lit. And, in calling classic literature and personal writing irrelevant, these Common Core proponents only underscore the socialist mentality: that only job prep matters, only the collective economy, not the mind and soul of the individual.


First, Dr. Anthony Esolen of Providence College in Rhode Island:

“What appalls me most about the standards … is the cavalier contempt for great works of human art and thought, in literary form. It is a sheer ignorance of the life of the imagination. We are not programming machines. We are teaching children. We are not producing functionaries, factory-like. We are to be forming the minds and hearts of men and women… to be human beings, honoring what is good and right and cherishing what is beautiful.”

Second, Dr. Thomas Newkirk of University of New Hampshire:

The standards are portrayed as so consensual, so universally endorsed, so thoroughly researched and vetted, so self-evidently necessary to economic progress, so broadly representative of beliefs in the educational community—that they cease to be even debatable… The principle of opportunity costs prompts us to ask: “What conversations won’t we be having?” Since the CCSS virtually ignore poetry, will we cease to speak about it? What about character education, service learning? What about fiction writing in the upper high school grades? What about the arts that are not amenable to standardized testing? … We lose opportunities when we cease to discuss these issues and allow the CCSS to completely set the agenda, when the only map is the one it creates.”

Third, Dr. Daniel Coupland of Hillsdale College:

“Yes, man is made for work, but he’s also made for so much more… Education should be about the highest things. We should study these things of the stars, plant cells, Mozart’s Requiem… not simply because they’ll get us into the right college or into the right line of work. Rather, we should study these noble things because they can tell us who we are, why we’re here… If education has become –as Common Core openly declares– preparation for work in a global economy, then this situation is far worse than Common Core critics ever anticipated. And the concerns about cost, and quality, and yes, even the constitutionality of Common Core, pale in comparison to the concerns for the hearts, minds, and souls of American children.”

via Top Ten Professors Calling Out Common Core’s So-called College Readiness | COMMON CORE.

Restore Oklahoma Public Education: States Dumping PARRC Is An ORCHESTRATED Event – NOT “STATE LED”!

I received this link today.  It illustrates good news and bad news.

The good:  Our opposition to Common Core is effective.  Otherwise they wouldn't be using these tactics.

The bad:  They are using these tactics and are likely to deceive many people.

The key is to follow the money.  Who is paying for the testing?  Who is funding the writing of the text material?  The feds have a way of giving grants to third parties who distribute the money to favored beneficiaries.  The grants always have strings.  Everyone can say the federal government is not involved....but it is.  If there is central planning you can bet the feds have their fingers in the pot.

Now is the time to resist this and to take back the freedom to educate our children in our own ways.




I had to write this blog after receiving this letter to Superintendents from Georgia Superintendent John D. Barge, Ed.D. I will add the exact link to the letter as soon as I am able to find it, but for now, I am copying the entirety of the letter here below, followed by the letter Janet Barresi sent to Superintendents in Oklahoma.

My thesis; Achieve has figured out Common Core opponents have a case for federal involvement in testing with the argument that PARCC received federal funding to create the tests and now the feds want to 'help' decide what will be on the tests.

What's the best way to nullify the argument? Have states leave PARCC and 'develop their own state standards'.

Okay but who will they use for Common Core tests then? McGraw Hill? Pearson? Both companies are part of the Common Core machine - both SELL Common Core tests - both are private organizations not having received money from ARRA but that have massive lobbying efforts across the nation. As I've said before; THIS IS A SHELL GAME and the American public is being played. When you look at the letters from TWO SEPARATE state superintendents in TWO SEPARATE states and they are so similar you can pick out common themes and wording? You have an orchestrated event, most probably from Achieve - which has an entire website called the Future Ready Project to help states 'sell' the standards. States get pushback on the Core, and instead of governors and/or state superintendents meeting the arguments head on in their own states - locally - they go to Achieve to get propaganda to 'sell' their citizenry on their education 'reform' measures (Common Core/Testing/TLE). The term "state led" is meant to mean "local", but as is obvious, Common Core is not a local phenomena, but a nationally coordinated event geared toward promulgating progressive education and crony capitalism by providing more clients for the private corporations pushing the standards.

via Restore Oklahoma Public Education: States Dumping PARRC Is An ORCHESTRATED Event - NOT "STATE LED"!.

Wisconsin teacher claims students drew angry pictures of Gov. Walker without her prompting

Not Common Core but something every American should be worried about.  This one is about Scott Walker.  The next will be Chris Christie (no conservative but definitely not a friend of the teachers union), or Bobby Jindal, or any of a dozen governors.  This is the result of pure indoctrination of our youngest students.  We need to stop it NOW!

Americans need to be vigilant.  Observe the pictures your children are making.  Read their essays and tests.  Protest to the principal, school board, and your state legislators.  We can change this around but only if we become active.

And oh yes... you can do the same with Common Core.


Activist Wisconsin teacher claims her K-2 students drew angry pictures of Gov. Walker without her prompting.

MADISON, Wis. – Kati Walsh, an elementary art teacher in the Madison school district, wants everyone to believe that her kindergarten, first-grade and second-grade students came up with the idea to draw unflattering pictures of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on their own.

Kati Walsh 2She says her background as a teachers union activist and bitter critic of Walker had nothing to do with the drawings.

Frankly, we don’t believe a word she says.

Walsh gained attention over the summer for posting online several pictures drawn by her young students depicting the governor in jail. She claims the idea for the drawings came from one student and caught on with the other kids.

“One student said something to the effect of ‘Scott Walker wants to close all the public schools,’ so the rest of the class started drawing their own cartoons and they turned very political,” Walsh told the Wisconsin Reporter. “They have very strong feelings about Scott Walker.”

Uh-huh. After all, children in the early elementary grades have always been extremely political, and have always tended to side with labor over union reform efforts. Right, Ms. Walsh?

Walsh says “children are much smarter than we give them credit for. These children are now growing up having protested at the Capitol with their parents and are going to union meetings and political meetings with their parents. They are listening and have their own strong opinions about what is going on in our state right now.”

First of all, we’re talking about children in the 5-8 age group. Do they really have that keen of an interest, much less an understanding, of complex state political issues? And do all of them have parents who protested at the Capitol and attend union meetings?

Or would it be safe to assume that Walsh has been wasting precious instruction time filling these tots full of hatred for a governor they knew nothing about before encountering her?

That’s a pretty safe bet, considering Walsh’s background.

She has long been noted as a radical union activist who protested at the state capitol against Act 10 (Walker’s collective bargaining reform legislation), signed a petition to recall Walker from office, gathered signatures for the recall and protested with the Chicago Teachers Union during last year’s teacher strike in that city, according to the news report.

Walsh even acknowledges that she talks politics with her young students.

“Many of the kids also have permission from their parents to chat with me about political things after my contract time,” Walsh said.

So that’s how these little ones came to hate their governor. Please don’t insult us by trying to suggest otherwise, Ms. Walsh.

Exactly when does Walsh have access to these students during her “non-contract time?” Does she visit their homes after school or on the weekends to chat with them about Gov. Walker? We very much doubt it. We’d bet the farm she preaches her beliefs during class time.

What’s truly hilarious is that Walsh told the Wisconsin Reporter that the story about her student’s drawings could not be published without her permission.

“You do not have permission to publish anything about me, my classroom or my blog before I see it first,” Walsh wrote to the Reporter.

One would expect such a politically-motivated teacher to have a fundamental grasp of First Amendment rights.

Oh, that’s right. Radical liberals like Walsh tend to believe that only stories that reflect positively on their opinions should be published. Well, sorry lady, it doesn’t work that way in a free society. Didn’t you learn that much in college?

In any case, this woman is clearly not an educator. She is a political activist using her position in the classroom to indoctrinate students to her radical point of view, even though they are barely old enough to read, let alone understand complex issues or opposing viewpoints.

Walsh should be fired and escorted from the school building as soon as physically possible. Unfortunately her school district is dominated by her extremely radical labor union – Madison Teachers Inc. – so she will probably be allowed to keep selling her ideas to tiny children without so much as a reprimand.

In fact Walsh may be selected as Madison’s teacher of the year.

How utterly sickening, and what a total waste of taxpayer education dollars.

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The Hot Gates 480BC: Father Arrested at Common Core Meeting

People are beginning to speak out about Common Core.  It appears that bureaucrats in Maryland and around the country are beginning to fear the backlash of those who want local control of their education.  We need to speak out at every local, regional, and state board of education meeting.

We need to educate the public about the insidious nature of Common Core. People need to see that it is not only teaching progressive ideology.  Through its data minin it is invading the very essence of our privacy.  It is plain wrong.

The following is authored by a friend:  Courtesy of The Hot Gates 480BC.


Father Arrested at Common Core Meeting,0,7127220.story

Robert Small at this point is still a voice crying out in the wilderness.

"A parent in Towson, Md., was arrested Thursday night at a public forum after vocally expressing his concerns about the Baltimore County School District’s plan to use Common Core standards in its curriculum.

Robert Small, a concerned father, was forcefully removed from the meeting by a police officer after he interrupted Baltimore County Schools Superintendent Dallas Dance during the question-and-answer portion of the forum.

The meeting apparently didn’t allow parents to stand up and ask questions or comment. Parents and other attendants were instead asked to write their questions on a piece of paper and officials would read them.

However, Small began speaking out against the district’s use of Common Core, prompting a security guard, who was also a police officer, to approach him and order him to leave. “Let’s go!” he said sternly.

When Small didn’t immediately comply, the officer began pulling his arm and pushing him towards the exit. Some audience members gasped at the cop’s use of force.

“Don’t stand for this,” the father said as he was dragged out. “You are sitting here like cattle! Is this America?”......"

Although he appears to have made no effort to push or strike anyone, Mr. Small was charged with assaulting a police officer when he was grabbed by the security guard who was an off-duty police officer and forced to leave the room (Video in the link on The Blaze).

"Despite some opposition from parents, the Maryland State Department of Education reportedly plans to go forward with its implementation of Common Core standards, joining 45 other states and Washington, D.C., in adopting the standards for the first time this year.

“Look, I am being manhandled and shut down because I asked inconvenient questions,” Small told the Baltimore Sun after the incident. “Why won’t they allow an open forum where there can be a debate? We are told to sit there and be lectured to about how great common core is.

The Common Core Curriculum is the new standard for American schools that has been so thoroughly pushed that, as of now, 45 US states have signed on to the program...

[via The Hot Gates 480BC: Father Arrested at Common Core Meeting.]