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All you have to do is play “telephone” one time when you’re six-years-old to learn that no matter how old you get, facts change when they’re passed around. The game of “telephone” demonstrates that it’s not an intentional thing. It’s not always an outright lie that causes discrepancies in information sharing. It’s often miscommunication that takes an event and makes it into something else when recounted later on. Oh, how I wish that was Common Core’s excuse. I wish we lived in an America where the big news story was about a historically inaccurate oopsie – not a ideological travesty. But, alas – this is our America and we are continuing down this terrifying path of “change” for the worse.

If you haven’t heard of it, Common Core is essentially the federal government taking over our public education system, or to put it technically – “uniform national curriculum standards.” And hey, hey, hey, before you start throwing Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” thing in my face and saying I’m some Obama-hating contrarian, I’ll tell you right now, I think “No Child Left Behind” stunk as well.

Any conservative or libertarian in their right mind was shaking their head pessimistically when they first heard whispers about Common Core. But, I for one am surprised that things have gone downhill so quickly.

Get this – Common Core is instructing teachers to teach Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address WITHOUT MENTIONING THE CIVIL WAR.

Common Core Curriculum states:

“Refrain from giving background context or substantial instructional guidance at the outset…This close reading approach forces students to rely exclusively on the text…and levels the playing field for all students as they seek to comprehend Lincoln’s address.”


This isn’t just a Gettysburg-Address-Instance either. This is the Common Core philosophy. Don’t teach kids actual history. Just read them a bunch of words they don’t understand with no context because it “levels the playing field.” Can someone please explain to me what that means and how it makes any sense when teaching history?

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Parents say Common Core is sneaking its way into some Texas schools – powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc.

Remember...Common Core can insinuate itself into your curriculum in a variety of ways.  Here is one.  Don't let it happen to you.


LONGVIEW, Texas – The Lone Star State is only one of five states not involved in the Common Core experiment, but lessons aligned with the nationalized learning standards may still be showing up in some Texas classrooms.common core twoDuring Monday’s well-attended meeting of the Spring Hill Independent School District’s board of trustees, parent Rhonda Anderson said she has seen assigned worksheets that have the words “Common Core” printed at the bottom, reports took special exception with one such lesson that took a swipe at fossil fuels.“With oil wells here on the school property, I don’t think we need to be teaching our children that fossil fuels are bad,” Anderson said, according to Terri Hill echoed those concerns about Common Core being snuck into classrooms. Hill added that the much-hated, Texas-only CSCOPE curriculum is still being used in some classrooms, despite assurances from state lawmakers last May that schools would be barred from using the lesson plans beginning with the current school year.A state law also requires school officials to consult with parents and taxpayers before making any significant changes to the curriculum. If the district is dabbling in Common Core and backsliding in its use of CSCOPE, parents need to know about it.CSCOPE generated some national headlines earlier this year after a large number of Texans became concerned that CSCOPE lessons in their local schools were too controversial. One infamous lesson compared the Boston Tea Party to an act of terrorism.A more thorough explanation of the CSCOPE controversy can be found here.

via Parents say Common Core is sneaking its way into some Texas schools - powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc..

To My Students: ‘I Love You and Believe in You’ – @ THE CHALK FACE

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It's a long article so click on the link to read the whole thing.


To My Students: ‘I Love You and Believe in You’

November 2, 2013 by Kris Nielsen 119 Comments

The following is a guest post from my friend, Meg Norris, who has an important message for her students. (Grab a Kleenex. I did.)

To My Students,

I did not return to the classroom this year and I want to apologize. I am truly sorry for having left you. It was the hardest decision I have ever made. I want you to understand why I left. It had nothing to do with you. I still love you and believe in you. You are still amazing and you can do anything you want to do. I did not give up on you. I left to fight for you.

I saw you struggling with Common Core skills. Even with the new curriculum from the district, no matter how I broke it down for you I could see you didn’t understand. I saw the frustration on your faces. And when time ran out and we had to take the county’s test (on the county’s schedule), I saw the tears roll from your eyes. You failed. I saw you missing school more days than normal. I saw you with long sleeves covering up the cutting scars on your arms. I saw how the sparkle in your eyes dimmed. I saw the small bald spot on your head where you had pulled out your hair. And it wasn’t just in my class. You hated going to math. You came early everyday for homework help, but it didn’t make any difference. You still could not understand.

I want you to know none of this is your fault. It is not you. I know the school, the county and the state call it “rigor.” That is a horrible word. Look it up in the dictionary for me. Rigor is for dead people. You are not failing because it is too hard. You are not failing because you are not working hard enough. You are not failing because of your teachers. You are failing because Common Core was not written by teachers. Common Core was not written to help you. Let me explain why this hurts you so much.

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Common Core assignment: Remove two amendments from ‘outdated’ Bill of Rights – Spokane Conservative |

This is a perfect example to use in arguing against Common Core.  You can ask your school board if this is an appropriate assignment.  You can present it to other people as an example of how the educators are tying to subvert our liberties.

You could even do an assignment where certain articles, like the second amendment, are clarified in order to make them stronger.  You could select from Mark Levin's Liberty Amendments.  Of course, if you did these things your child might not get a passing grade.  Then you can publicize this fact to the world.


Common Core assignment: Remove two amendments from 'outdated' Bill of Rights

Joe NewbySpokane Conservative Examiner

October 8, 2013

A mother in the Bryant School District in Arkansas -- a district using the controversial Common Core curriculum -- was surprised to learn her sixth-grade daughter was given a team assignment to revise the Bill of Rights, pruning two amendments from the Constitution while adding two others, Twitchy reported Monday, citing a report at the Digital Journal.

The assignment made the assumption that the United States government has determined that the Bill of Rights “is outdated and may not remain in its current form any longer.”

The children were to assume the persona of “experts on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights” in their aim to ensure that “the pursuit of happiness remains guarded in the 21st century,” despite the fact that the phrase "pursuit of happiness" exists in the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

Twitchy also hoped that one of these "experts" would realize the Constitution isn't amended by a "special committee."

Lela Spears, the girl's mother, told the Digital Journal her daughter has not received any training in civics or government.

"After she brought it home and explained her assignment to me, it made me question exactly what she was being taught. Where I can see a class using critical thinking skills to modernize the words, as to help them better understand the Amendments, giving an assignment to remove two then add two with little explanation as to why is upsetting," she said.

Spears also said her daughter had no clue why she was being tasked with amending the Constitution.

According to the mother, her child was never told how the Constitution is amended, and told the Journal she didn't believe the word "amended" was ever used in the class.

"I read through the handouts she was given (they do not use a book for this class, nor take one home to study from, only handouts that are put in a box for their table to share and place in their binders), around six in total, and nothing about how an Amendment is ratified," she said. "I believe that, with the wording of the assignment, many children will think that the Bill of Rights is amended and can be changed by a “special” committee instead of an act of Congress."

There are two ways the Constitution can be amended. One is for a Constitutional Convention to be called for by two-thirds of the state legislatures. Amendments are then sent to the states to be approved by three-fourths of the legislatures or conventions. This method has never been used.

The more common method is for a bill to pass both houses of the legislature, by a two-thirds majority. Once the bill has passed both houses, it goes to the states for approval and ratification.

"As more anecdotal evidence emerges concerning what will be taught under the Common Core, states are beginning to rethink their position on the program," the Digital Journal said.

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Wisconsin teacher claims students drew angry pictures of Gov. Walker without her prompting

Not Common Core but something every American should be worried about.  This one is about Scott Walker.  The next will be Chris Christie (no conservative but definitely not a friend of the teachers union), or Bobby Jindal, or any of a dozen governors.  This is the result of pure indoctrination of our youngest students.  We need to stop it NOW!

Americans need to be vigilant.  Observe the pictures your children are making.  Read their essays and tests.  Protest to the principal, school board, and your state legislators.  We can change this around but only if we become active.

And oh yes... you can do the same with Common Core.


Activist Wisconsin teacher claims her K-2 students drew angry pictures of Gov. Walker without her prompting.

MADISON, Wis. – Kati Walsh, an elementary art teacher in the Madison school district, wants everyone to believe that her kindergarten, first-grade and second-grade students came up with the idea to draw unflattering pictures of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on their own.

Kati Walsh 2She says her background as a teachers union activist and bitter critic of Walker had nothing to do with the drawings.

Frankly, we don’t believe a word she says.

Walsh gained attention over the summer for posting online several pictures drawn by her young students depicting the governor in jail. She claims the idea for the drawings came from one student and caught on with the other kids.

“One student said something to the effect of ‘Scott Walker wants to close all the public schools,’ so the rest of the class started drawing their own cartoons and they turned very political,” Walsh told the Wisconsin Reporter. “They have very strong feelings about Scott Walker.”

Uh-huh. After all, children in the early elementary grades have always been extremely political, and have always tended to side with labor over union reform efforts. Right, Ms. Walsh?

Walsh says “children are much smarter than we give them credit for. These children are now growing up having protested at the Capitol with their parents and are going to union meetings and political meetings with their parents. They are listening and have their own strong opinions about what is going on in our state right now.”

First of all, we’re talking about children in the 5-8 age group. Do they really have that keen of an interest, much less an understanding, of complex state political issues? And do all of them have parents who protested at the Capitol and attend union meetings?

Or would it be safe to assume that Walsh has been wasting precious instruction time filling these tots full of hatred for a governor they knew nothing about before encountering her?

That’s a pretty safe bet, considering Walsh’s background.

She has long been noted as a radical union activist who protested at the state capitol against Act 10 (Walker’s collective bargaining reform legislation), signed a petition to recall Walker from office, gathered signatures for the recall and protested with the Chicago Teachers Union during last year’s teacher strike in that city, according to the news report.

Walsh even acknowledges that she talks politics with her young students.

“Many of the kids also have permission from their parents to chat with me about political things after my contract time,” Walsh said.

So that’s how these little ones came to hate their governor. Please don’t insult us by trying to suggest otherwise, Ms. Walsh.

Exactly when does Walsh have access to these students during her “non-contract time?” Does she visit their homes after school or on the weekends to chat with them about Gov. Walker? We very much doubt it. We’d bet the farm she preaches her beliefs during class time.

What’s truly hilarious is that Walsh told the Wisconsin Reporter that the story about her student’s drawings could not be published without her permission.

“You do not have permission to publish anything about me, my classroom or my blog before I see it first,” Walsh wrote to the Reporter.

One would expect such a politically-motivated teacher to have a fundamental grasp of First Amendment rights.

Oh, that’s right. Radical liberals like Walsh tend to believe that only stories that reflect positively on their opinions should be published. Well, sorry lady, it doesn’t work that way in a free society. Didn’t you learn that much in college?

In any case, this woman is clearly not an educator. She is a political activist using her position in the classroom to indoctrinate students to her radical point of view, even though they are barely old enough to read, let alone understand complex issues or opposing viewpoints.

Walsh should be fired and escorted from the school building as soon as physically possible. Unfortunately her school district is dominated by her extremely radical labor union – Madison Teachers Inc. – so she will probably be allowed to keep selling her ideas to tiny children without so much as a reprimand.

In fact Walsh may be selected as Madison’s teacher of the year.

How utterly sickening, and what a total waste of taxpayer education dollars.

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