Restore Oklahoma Public Education: States Dumping PARRC Is An ORCHESTRATED Event – NOT “STATE LED”!

I received this link today.  It illustrates good news and bad news.

The good:  Our opposition to Common Core is effective.  Otherwise they wouldn't be using these tactics.

The bad:  They are using these tactics and are likely to deceive many people.

The key is to follow the money.  Who is paying for the testing?  Who is funding the writing of the text material?  The feds have a way of giving grants to third parties who distribute the money to favored beneficiaries.  The grants always have strings.  Everyone can say the federal government is not involved....but it is.  If there is central planning you can bet the feds have their fingers in the pot.

Now is the time to resist this and to take back the freedom to educate our children in our own ways.




I had to write this blog after receiving this letter to Superintendents from Georgia Superintendent John D. Barge, Ed.D. I will add the exact link to the letter as soon as I am able to find it, but for now, I am copying the entirety of the letter here below, followed by the letter Janet Barresi sent to Superintendents in Oklahoma.

My thesis; Achieve has figured out Common Core opponents have a case for federal involvement in testing with the argument that PARCC received federal funding to create the tests and now the feds want to 'help' decide what will be on the tests.

What's the best way to nullify the argument? Have states leave PARCC and 'develop their own state standards'.

Okay but who will they use for Common Core tests then? McGraw Hill? Pearson? Both companies are part of the Common Core machine - both SELL Common Core tests - both are private organizations not having received money from ARRA but that have massive lobbying efforts across the nation. As I've said before; THIS IS A SHELL GAME and the American public is being played. When you look at the letters from TWO SEPARATE state superintendents in TWO SEPARATE states and they are so similar you can pick out common themes and wording? You have an orchestrated event, most probably from Achieve - which has an entire website called the Future Ready Project to help states 'sell' the standards. States get pushback on the Core, and instead of governors and/or state superintendents meeting the arguments head on in their own states - locally - they go to Achieve to get propaganda to 'sell' their citizenry on their education 'reform' measures (Common Core/Testing/TLE). The term "state led" is meant to mean "local", but as is obvious, Common Core is not a local phenomena, but a nationally coordinated event geared toward promulgating progressive education and crony capitalism by providing more clients for the private corporations pushing the standards.

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