Why is it that New Jersey is the pilot for Obama’s experiments for the country?

Why is it that New Jersey is the pilot for Obama's experiments for the country?

Last week I attended a meeting for together New Jersey. You may recall that this is the renamed 2035 regional transportation plan that was used as the template for the receipt of a HUD grant. Various organizations throughout the state lobbied their freeholders, to no avail, to not accept this money. We were afraid that significant strings would be attached that would obligate the counties to adhere to the administrations redistributionist agenda. They didn't listen to us and took the money.

Now the plan has morphed from a transportation plan to a plan that will focus on the health and welfare of the region, dictating regional policy at the expense of local land-use policy, all without the legislature or the Gov.'s office being involved. As part of the receipt of the HUD money, the counties signed memoranda of understanding that bound them to whatever the plan became.

The counties (some of them) get a vote on the standing committees for together North Jersey, along with hundreds of other "stakeholders". The freeholders told us that they would get a place at the table and thus be able to influence what the plan became. They didn't understand that the table included 200 other diners. Most of these people are left-wing central planning and redistributionist zealots that seem to have little regard for individual freedom or private ownership of land. They think that it is much better to have a "regional government" than home rule. In fact, they think that home rule and "suburban sprawl" are terrible ideas. It is better to have the "experts" decide our fate rather than rely on the people themselves. A glance at the together North Jersey website is proof enough of what they want.

One of the moderators stated at the meeting that together North Jersey is a pilot program that will be used as a template for the rest of the United States. That really makes me feel good. They will take our state, dominated by left-wing Democrats and Republicans (including the governor) and remake the United States in the same way. State governments won't matter, County governments won't matter, municipal governments would matter, the only thing that will be important will be the federal government and the quasi governments set up on a regional basis.

Folks, this is Agenda 21 in action.  If it is enacted it will be taking us a long way towards our demise as state and country.

Here is another example. Today, Gov. Christie announced that he would accept the Medicaid portion of Obamacare. It is free money and will help pay for the state version of Medicaid, even though it expands Medicaid and there is no guarantee that the funding will continue after four years. Of course, Christie will not be here in four years. If anybody wonders if Christie got in bed with Obama after the Sandy disaster, they should wonder no longer. This guy is not a conservative. Kudos to CPAC for not inviting him this year. I would've spent the money to go and throw rotten tomatoes at him. Of course, New Jersey will again be the template for much of the rest of the country, taking free money and betting that the teat will be filled with milk forever.

A third example. NJ Spotlight today posted an article that New Jersey's approach to offshore wind is a model for the rest of the country. It should be copied by the other states along the eastern seaboard, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. What they particularly liked was a way to guarantee revenue for the developers. In other words, revenue is taken from our tax base to pay for higher cost energy that will be of little value to people and businesses in the state. In the meantime, impediments are put into place for the transport and production of low-cost energy such as natural gas. This is settled us with some of the highest energy costs in the country and it doesn't have to be. However, it is consistent with what the radical environmentalists in the EPA and DOE want.  Give us wind mills regardless of the cost.  We lose jobs and our economy sucks in the process, but who cares.  Of course people will not have the money to buy the more expensive energy...but Obama was never really concerned about jobs and the economy.

New Jersey is the guinea pig.  We are the canary in the coal mine.  We have the opportunity to tell the Federal government to butt out.  Let us live our own lives in the way we deem best.  New Jersey has a large and diverse economy...larger than most countries.    We don't need to be told what to do.  We should take the lead without being "nudged" by the federal bureaucrats.  We should tell them to take their bribe money and take a hike...use it to pay off the debt.

Unfortunately, Christie wants a second term as governor and wants to run for President.  He'll take the bribes in order to get the votes.  We all suffer in the process.

It is time to get a backbone.